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We believe in Cutting-edge…, among others.

One of Zension’s core beliefs is that cutting-edge technology simplifies, and that old, rusty, technology which doesn’t keep up only serves as workflow bottlenecks.

Technology is messy. We try to simplify it in any and every way!

Hence, Zension invests heavily in Research & Development (R&D) within our core competencies, to ensure that we always stay relevant, up-to-date, and in-demand at any point of time. More specifically, we place increased emphasis on our Hosting Infrastructure (also codenamed: “HIVE”).

How HIVE came about

HIVE was designed from scratch as a breaking new form of hosting infrastructure, combining features and availability usually only accessible by large organizations’ IT infrastructures into a simple, accessible, and cost-effective solution.

It’s key emphasis are its High-Availability and Redundancy and Green Efficiency.


The HIVE-cloud is the backbone of Zension’s Enterprise-level High-Availability Hosting Infrastructure. HIVE-cloud adopted the best-of-breed approach to incorporate various state-of-the-art technologies (including virtualization, clustering, hardware RAID) to bring cloud-based hosting to everyone.
Hand-drawn, Simplified Diagram of HIVE

Regardless of which hosting package..

..all hosting services (even shared hosting for a single web-site) in Zension are hosted on this industry-leading high-availability environment.

This offers all our clients a greatly enhanced level of performance, reliability, scalability and flexibility that is lacking in traditional hosting based on standalone servers.