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Zension, a brief background;

Zension was established in mid-2007 by its two founders, Kelvin Leong and Ham Wan Sing on the very belief that bleeding edge technology should made available en masse, by combining various aspects of critical infrastructure-grade technology together with affordable, yet cutting-edge solutions.

To date, we hold a comprehensive portfolio of both MNCs and local firms.

We’d love to think we’re …more of the company which “puts-things-together-to-form-more-newthings” – in short.

In actual practice, Zension is pretty much your rock and motar IT solutions firm with pretty much a keen eye for detail – be it everything from our (above) Enterprise-level hosting infrastructure to the smallest of concept mock-ups.

As the industry puts it (and of course, we completely agree):

It’s all in the details.

Yes, we do engage…in 3 key business areas which
probably is crucial to your organization.

They’re namely; Hosting, Development, and Marketing.

No, we’re not a [something]-stop shop – because when our clients come to us, they come to us to expect actual movement and momentum, in key action areas.

Oh, and did I mention? We do engage the right people.

(and we get engaged by our very own clients in a similar fashion…)

..and its really a big deal for us to get to work with you

Whether you’re a potential client, or someone just knocking on us to get a feel of things in the industry – we’re keen to work with you.

The portfolio our staff wields are equally (if not more – much more) impressive, than most firms in our industry hope to start out with.

We’re doing this through our closely knitted experience in therelevant industries.

If you expect us to be the guys who merely “completes the job” – well, you’re mistaken, because that’s not what we do.

We strive for perfection in what we do.